Intelligencer Journal-Lancaster New Era (PA)

Publication Date: February 3, 2010


What an absolutely great story about local athlete Jerry Johnson ("Having a ball and giving back,'' Jan. 25) and his desire to give back to the Lancaster community. His non-profit organization, Back 2 Basics Youth Developmentand Sports Foundation, is exactly the type of thing this community and others across the country need. This young man knows how he got to where he is in life and is doing what it takes to help other young people understand the importance of giving back. 

I would like to call on the leaders of the Lancaster community to help this foundation. While reading the story, the old YMCA building came to mind as a place that would make this dream of his come to life with the help of a great leader in the community, Lancaster General Health. LGH owns the former YMCA building, and it is my understanding that they have plans to build a new parking facility on the site. 

Wouldn't it be a wonderful gesture on their part to step forward and offer the facility to Mr. Johnson to use until he can get the funds to build a place for these kids to use. It has all the things he listed: a pool, gymnasium, classroom space, etc. 

I am calling on the leaders of LGH to step forward and help this young man help lead our youths down a positive path. 

Who knows, some of these kids may become doctors, nurses and technicians in the very hospital that helped them find that positive path to a great future. 

– Jeff Ressler 

East Hempfield Township